Hager - Tebis BUS Systems

A Tebis automation system from Hager delivers the ultimate smart
home or office management for lighting, electrical, security,
heating, air conditioning, entertainment and so much more. A Tebis
system can be programmed in any number of ways to suit your
lifestyle whilst also introducing efficiencies that over time result
in significant energy and financial savings for you.

Gone are the days of the air conditioning being left on when everyone
has left for the day, or the kids leaving every light on in the house!
A tebis system can take the hassle out of everyday things - from
appliances that are turned on when you want to use them - then off
when you don't. Imagine taking back control of your home!
"Our tebis system allows me to draw the curtains, switch off the lights
& turn on a movie - all with the touch of a button...How smart is that?"