FARHO. Intelligent Heating

Xana Plus
FARHO. Intelligent Heating: "FARHO radiators represent the fruits of several years’ research in the field of heating. They are characterised by combining the majority of the advantages of current systems given that they employ the most reliable features in terms of optimal heat emission (aluminium radiators) and energy source (electricity)."

Lighted operation switch.
Safety heat limiter.
Side twin cover.
With weekly chronothermostat.
330W to 1430W power.
Comes with wall bracket kit
Injected aluminium frame with white Epoxy finish, weather and corrosion proof.
1” metal-clad electrical resistor, made of AISI-304 stainless steel tube, low energy and maximum heat efficiency.
FARHOIL high temperature, thermal fluid with a resistance -40ºC to 330ºC range, high heat conducting capacity and low vapour pressure, which has been specially developed to obtain maximum performance from FARHO heaters.