Steinel XLed 25 Sensor FloodLight

Unique flexibility for virtually unlimited usesCreating this outstanding lighting solution demanded a completely new approach. From the aspect of control, cooling and design. With head-turning looks, it uses innovative high-end 3-W LEDs and a specially developed cooling system. But the really clever part is found in the microprocessor control electronics. The result is nothing short of amazing: radiantly bright light all around the building at minimum energy consumption. Plus a fascinating lighting effect with uniquedirectional flexibility.

Technical highlights
  • XLED with either 10 or 25 LEDs in the flat-design light head, aluminium.
  • Approx. 25 or 60 W power consumption.
  • Integrated motion sensor with 240° coverage angle and 12 m reach.
  • 270° swivel and 200° tilting range.
  • Integrated electronic ballasts.
  • ATC - Active Thermo Control.
  • External switching output capability for creating interconnected systems.
  • 10 % basic brightness, selectable (stay 'ON' for 10 minutes after activation or all night.)
  • Can be mounted under porches as no need to allow for 1-metre safety distance.
  • Life of LEDs: 50,000 hours.
  • Simple 2-piece installation.
The entire Steinel range is available to you from WCEW