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Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Quantum Energy System

A Smart space and water heating energy management system enabling renewable electricity generation and facilitating the increasing decarbonisation of the electricity supply.The Quantum System provides an opportunity, for the first time, for the householder to have a low cost, low carbon, electric heating system which rivals natural gas systems in running costs, and over its lifetime will use decreasing amounts of carbon with no degradation in performance and no servicing costs.
Ultra efficent heating system with low running costs delivered by utilising off-peak tariffs
Dynamic storage capacity - automatically adjusts to user needs
Designed to retain over 50% of heat 24 hours after the initial charge
Infinitely controllable electronic heat output to precisely match user lifestyle
Fan assisted heat output when required
Attractive state-of-the-art design, no deeper than a double wet radiatorChassis covers previous "fixing marks" of all comparably sized traditional storage heaters and comes with adjustable feet position
Optional communications link provides Demand Side Management capablity
Electronic user interface with LCD display:
Room temperature setting
7 day programmer for fan operation
Installer settings

Quantum Energy Effecient Heaters are available now from West Cork Electrical Wholesale, contact us for sizing and pricing.